iPhone 4 Singing the iOS 7 Blues?

So here’s the situation.  You’ve got an iPhone 4.  It’s been your trusted friend when it comes to sending texts, checking Facebook, making calls, and so much more.  You’ve developed a relationship based on trust:  your iPhone 4 trusts you to take care of it, and you trust it to be a high-powered computer in your pocket.

Then September 2013 happened, and everything changed.  iOS 7 was released.

While your iPhone 4 had a nice shiny new coat of paint, it just wasn’t the same.  With a few taps, and a single download, your once trusted friend became slow, unresponsive, and miserable at times to use.

Well, you’re not alone.  Many iPhone 4 users have experienced these problems, directly tied to the iOS 7 upgrade.  In fact, we get that question a lot – “should I upgrade my iPhone’s software?”  And if you’re not the type that’s interested in jailbreaking your iPhone 4, and a new iPhone isn’t currently an option, you might find yourself stuck with a less than responsive iPhone 4.

Our stance on iOS 7 on the iPhone 4 has been this:  if you can hold off, please do.  Most of your apps will continue to run fine, and iOS 6 is a great mobile operating system.  However, with the release of iOS 7.1, there may finally be some good news for you iPhone 4 users, who have already made the jump to iOS 7.  According to Ars Technica, they are seeing improved performance in apps such as Safari, Camera, Mail, and more.  A pretty impressive feat, given that the A4 chip on the iPhone 4 is nearly four years old.

Now before you get too excited, the 7.1 update won’t likely return your iPhone 4 back to those blissful days of iOS 6. That being said, iOS 7.1 might be enough to get you by until your next mobile phone purchase.