Set up your Nest in 3 simple steps

I hope this #TechieTuesday finds you nice and warm cuddled up under your favorite blanket. And if it finds you under a palm tree somewhere, we envy you.

Either way, today we are going to discuss everything you need to know about the Nest Thermostat, so that no matter where you are, you could potentially save up to 20% on your heating and cooling bills.

The Nest Thermostat is an automatic thermostat that programs itself to suit the needs of your daily habits that can be easily controlled from your phone. If you leave the house and forget to turn the thermostat down, no worries. You can turn it down via your phone, thus conserving energy and money.

Get started in three easy steps:

1. The Nest Thermostat can be purchased here for $249 and takes most people under 30 minutes to install. It programs itself in about a week creating a personalized schedule based on the temperature changes you’ve made. You may have to adjust it to the temperature you like within the first week, but after that, it’ll automatically adjust iteslf.

Nest Thermostat

2. While you’re away, the Nest Thermostat automatically turns to an energy-efficient away temperature that you manually set up during installation. Auto-Away works in 90% of homes, even if it’s located in a spot you don’t pass on your way out the door. The lower your away temperature is, the more money you can save. You could even set it cooler before bed time to help save energy that way too.

3. Use the Nest Leaf to gauge how much energy and money you save. The Nest Leaf appears when you turn Nest to a temperature that saves energy. It tracks your energy use over time so you can see how much you’ve saved in Energy History.

We use a Nest Thermostat here in the office and it is so convenient. When we leave for the weekend, it automatically cools to our away temperature of 64 degrees Fahrenheit, and when Monday morning rolls around, it starts to warm up so by the time we get in the office, it’s our perfect temperature. It’s also easily controlled through our phones so if we’d have to adjust the temperature we could do so from our homes.

Nest makes more than just thermostats, so keep watching for a future #TechieTuesday article, were we’ll talk about some other awesome things this company is up to.

Even though our calendar says we still have about a month of fall left, I think it’s safe to say winter is here to stay. So why not utilize technology to take that bitter chill out of winter?

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