Forgot your garage door opener?

On more than one occasion, my car gets parked in the driveway for the night. By the time I pull up to the garage door, get out of my car to open it, get back in my car to pull in, and then get back out of my car to close it; opening the garage door just becomes an inconvenience. Yes, I have a garage door opener, but half the time certain family members ‘borrow’ it in their own vehicles. I never see it again.

This happens to you too?

Not for much longer. MyDoorOpener was developed so this wouldn’t happen to anyone ever again. It’s an iPhone app that allows you to open and close your garage door from anywhere at any time using an Arduino controller. So if you forget to close your garage door and remember at work, one swipe will get it closed.

MyDoorOpener application works over the internet, accessing your home network allowing you to operate any number of doors from as many devices as you’d like to program. It’s password protected preventing signal theft and unauthorized entry, and can also be programmed to notify you when there’s any door activity.


Interested? Read on!

After building and assembling the hardware, download and install the Arduino IDE on your computer. Then download and extract the MyDoorOpener controller application. Configure to suit your needs using the Arduino IDE, and upload to your Arduino controller via your computer’s USB port. Connect your Arduino controller to your home network router and configure you home router to have a specific port forwarded to the Arduino’s IP address. Download and install MyDoorOpener iPhone application from the Apple App Store. After launching the app on your phone, go to Settings and adjust the parameters to match your controller configuration. And wa-lah, you now have an iPhone operated garage door opener!

Android user? The iSmartGate app is for you. It’s very similar to MyDoorOpener.

And just like that, opening the garage door is no longer an inconvenience.

What are your thoughts on this mobile-friendly garage door opener? Oh and if you happen to crush your phone under the garage door, we can fix it! 🙂

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