Pinning Our Way Through the Holidays

We can’t believe Christmas Eve is tomorrow!!

Feels like Thanksgiving was just yesterday and we had all the time in the world to prepare for yet another grand holiday season. And now, ready or not, Christmas is here.

Never fails. Every single year it comes right down to the very last minute on Christmas Eve that we finish up my Christmas shopping and baking. We always have these great intentions of getting everything done a week before, but hey in this hectic, crazy thing we call life, we just can’t get everything done in a day.

So, if you’re anything like us and still need a few more things to make your holiday a smashing success, we have gathered a few Christmas-inspired pins:Melted Snowmen Oreo Balls

  • Melted Snowmen Oreo Balls — Seriously, how cute are these? Oreo balls are a must at our holiday parties, but usually never resembling snowmen. We typically just drizzle the chocolate over. Amazing how a little change in chocolate can go a long way!
  • DIY Sharpie Mugs — We’ve been seeing these all over Pinterest! They seem to be the new craze. Perfect for that last minute DIY Sharpie Mugsgift for a co-worker or friend. All you’ll need to begin is a mug and oil-based Sharpie paint markers as the plain old regular Sharpie markers do not work at all. The oil-based Sharpies don’t do so well in the dishwasher, but do just fine in soap and water. You could get real creative and add glitter. The possibilities are endless!
  • DIY Reindeer Thumbprint Ornaments — Looking for a new tradition or something fun to do with the kids? DIY Thumbprint Reindeer OrnamnetsThis could be perfect. All you’ll need to begin are a few ornaments (matte ones are recommended) brown craft paint (along with red if you want to create Rudolph), a black Sharpie, and of course little thumbs.

Speaking of pins, did you know one pin generates, on average, two website visits, six webpage views, and $.78 in sales (if you’re a business)? And 83% of Pinterest users said they’d follow a favorite brand over a favorite celebrity while 73% said they’d follow a favorite beauty products brand over a favorite makeup artist?

Want to increase your traffic using Pinterest? We can hook you up with an account when taking advantage of one of our many online marketing packages. Until then, we hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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