My Device Went For a Swim. Now What?

It’s pretty much common knowledge that these days, most of us are tied to our mobile devices.  Our smart phones, tablets, phablets, and everything in between are now part of our daily lives.  We’re connected 24/7 with these devices, for better, or for worse.

It’s also common knowledge that any type of liquid is a huge adversary of these devices.  Our devices don’t adapt well to water, coffee, soda, or the … toilet.  Liquids and electronics just don’t mix.

And yet, most of us have had that terrifying moment where our precious device comes in contact with liquid.  It’s a horrible moment, filled with denial, panic, and confusion (I can speak personally to this).  With that in mind, we offer some suggestions on what you can do if your device goes for an unintended swim.  Hopefully one of these tips can save your device!


Turn off Your Device

Our gut reaction is to make sure our device is okay.  Is there water in there?  Does everything still work?  Did I lose all of my selfies?  Totally understandable, but in this case, powering that thing off as soon as possible can often mean the difference between salvaging your device, or shelling out a nice chunk of change for a replacement.


If Possible, Pull Out the Battery

Remember – liquid is the enemy, and we need to get rid of it as quickly as possible.  There are certain devices, such as iPhones and iPads, where the battery can’t be taken out without disassembling the device.  But if you do have a removable battery, we’d suggest you take it out as soon as possible.


Don’t Plug it In

Whatever you do … do not plug your phone in.  Remember, water and electronics just don’t mix, and plugging it in is just a bad, bad idea.


Keep the Hairdryer in the Drawer

One thing we hear a lot when clients bring their devices in with liquid damage, is the idea of using a hair dryer to dry things up.  It makes sense, but remember that with all of that hot air comes another enemy – namely, dust.  A great alternative is to actually use a vacuum to try and rid that device of all that liquid.


Brush Brush Brush

Don’t forget to floss, too.  Just kidding.  But taking 90% alcohol or higher, soaking a toothbrush in it, and scrubbing areas like your charging port and headphone jack will help your cause.


Unplug for 24 Hours

It’s hard, we know.  But give your device at least 24 hours to dry out before you charge it, turn it back on, or do anything else with it.  If you still see visible water, then we’d suggest you wait even longer.  Think of it as your opportunity to go off the grid for a little bit.


Save the Rice for Eating

A myth that is widely spread is that placing your device in a bag of rice will help dry it out.  It really doesn’t.  Your device will dry out the same whether or not you use rice.  In fact, rice can get lodged in the small ports in your device, making your repair experience even more adventurous.  So rice … great for stir fry, but not for mobile devices.


If you have liquid damage to your mobile device, 815 Media offers a free liquid assessment.  Give us a shout.


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