Discovering Art at Annies Little Pots

A few months ago, we began work on developing and designing a new website for Annies Little Pots.  We were excited to get moving on this project, because Annies is such a unique store for this area.

For those unfamiliar with Annies Little Pots, it’s located in Princeton, IL, right on Main Street, in the Princeton Art District.  As soon as you enter this beautifully restored 1880’s building, you’ll be greeted with all sorts of wonderful findings, including hand-made art from Central Illinois,  a wide variety of metal sculptures for your home and garden – trellises, arbors, plant stands, critters, and more!  The gallery also features beautiful original paintings, photography, jewelry, purses, and greeting cards.  All of the pottery is created by Ann Dittmer in her studio on-site. (more…)

Create a Simple HTML5 Contact Form

After reading up on HTML5 and hearing all the buzz, I decided to take a few minutes and create a simple form to help me learn a little more about it and maybe share a few things along the way. Accompanying me are 12 new input types, most of which I don’t use in this form, but are pretty snazzy.

Detect iPhone & iPad in PHP

Oh and this works for the iPod touch as well.  I’m aware that there are great mobile detection solutions out there but I was working with a client recently that has a flash logo animation on their site and unfortunately the source file was unavailable to tweak.  To accomplish this I applied a “simple fix” by using the following code to display alternate content if the visitor is using an Apple device.