Fitbit propelling to a healthier you

Building a better routine one day at a time.

How many of you find yourselves on a roller coaster ride when it comes to fitness and YOUR health? You know those weeks when you’re really on top of things followed by those weeks when you can barely sustain enough energy to get off the couch? How about those weeks you crave salads followed by those weeks you can’t consume enough chocolate?

We’ve all been there. And now Fitbit has announced two new products to get us over the lows that track your activity, sleep, and calorie intake — Charge HR and Surge.

Fitbit Charge HR

Since it’s beginnings in 2007, Fitbit has helped millions of people achieve their fitness goals by tracking every single part of their day including activity, exercise, food, weight, and sleep. A Fitbit can be synced wirelessly to a mobile device in order to keep track of progress. To date, Fitbit can be purchased in over 20,000 retail stores in North America as well as more than 17 countries across Asia and Europe and is available on over 120 mobile devices.

So, without further adeui, a look into the Charge HR and Surge.

This heart rate and activity wristband monitors heart rate continuously right from your wrist, while accurately tracking calorie burn, maintain workout intensity, maximize training, and optimize health. It automatically records workouts and tracks all-day activity and sleep patterns. It also comes with a caller id allowing you to stay connected in style. The Charge HR will be available for $149.95 beginning early next year.
Fitbit Surge

This ultimate fitness super watch contains all the features of the Charge HR plus GPS tracking and a longer battery life of up to 7 days. The GPS displays run time, distance, pace, and elevation stats. Bands are water-resistant and can be cleaned with a soap-free cleanser. The Surge will be available for $249.95 beginning early next year.

As those at Fitbit would say, “Seek it, crave it, live it.”

What kind of Fitbit do you live?