Take Charge of Your Heart

With the AliveCor Heart Monitor.

The other day we were talking with a customer who has a diagnosed heart condition, atrial fibrillation, or AFib. They were sharing with us how terrifying it was when their heart would beat so fast it felt like they had just completed a marathon, while resting on the couch. Which led to the topic of inconvenient doctor visits (as this customer is a world-traveller), but now due to the AliveCor Heart Monitor, their AFib has been much more manageable.

AFib occurs when the heart’s electrical signals don’t travel through the heart in a normal way. Disorganized electrical signals cause the heart’s two upper chambers (called the atria) to fibrillate, or contract quickly and irregularly. Blood will then pool in the atria as it doesn’t get completely pumped into the heart’s two lower chambers (called the ventricles). As a result the chambers don’t work together as they should. Some people with AFib may not feel symptoms, but it can be detected through an electrocardiogram (ECG) or also known as an EKG.

AliveCor Heart Monitor

Up until recently, those with AFib were required to meet with a physician to get an ECG reading, but today, they can do this anywhere at anytime right from their Apple iOS or Android OS device. Our customer was ecstatic that they could attach the AliveCor Heart Monitor to their phone (taking the place of a normal case), download the free AliveECG app from the Apple Store, and immediately begin recording their ECGs by holding it, automatically sharing results with their physician. The Android app can be downloaded at Google Play.

In addition to tracking and saving ECGs, the app then allows you to save medications, track symptoms like palpitations/shortness of breath and habits like caffeine/alcohol consumption, as well as activities like exercise/sleep.

Clinical studies have shown that the accuracy of AliveCor is comparable to readings from Lead 1 of standard ECG machines, but at a fraction of the cost. Studies also show the monitor is highly accurate, enabling easy and effective detection of irregular heart rhythms by your physician.

In fact, AliveCor just came out with a brand new 3rd generation heart monitor yesterday in addition to the case for the iPhone 5/5s and one for veterinary use.

Take charge of your heart! Our customer did and couldn’t be happier.

Waterproof your Reading

Last week we dove into the water with all you aqua-loving fanatics equipped with a Waterproof iPod Shuffle and Headphones. This week we are going to relax in the hot tub, hit the sauna, and vacation on the beach with a Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite.

Similar to the Waterproof iPod Shuffle and Headphones, the Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite can be submerged 210 feet underwater and has 4GB to hold thousands of your favorite books. It has a front lit display for reading in the dark, along with a rechargeable battery life of eight weeks.

Waterproof Kindle PaperwhiteBut what makes these electronics different from other ‘waterproof’ devices?

The Dual Layer technology developed by Waterfi. This two-step comprehensive process completely waterproofs and corrosion-proofs electronics from the inside out.

Having worked on a lot of water damaged devices over the years, we are intrigued with how this technology works. Before the waterproofing process begins, empty space inside the device leaves the electronics exposed to potential environmental threats and water damage. Since most casings and coatings are not designed to completely protect the interior components, water eventually makes its way inside the device and short circuits the vital electronics.

But with two layers of protection, you’ll be able to take your Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite anywhere, as well as any other Waterfi electronic.

Waterfi Waterproof Technology

The first layer is a thick, rubbery, insulator that fills the entire interior of the device and forms a barrier around all of the sensitive electronic components. This barrier protects the device from exposure to water and other damaging elements.

The second layer adds an extra internal barrier that enhances the waterproofing protection and guards the device from corrosion caused by threatening environmental elements such as salt water, chlorine, heat, and steam.

This two-step comprehensive process works to eliminate air pockets and imperfection, giving you a durable, long-lasting, and trusted waterproof Kindle (among other things).

We’ve seen a few devices come in with shattered screens, and then found water damage on the inside. And the customer had no idea! Something as simple as dropping your device on the wet pavement, in a pile of snow, or resting on the bathroom counter while you’re in the shower, can all create water damage to some degree.

Do you have a Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite? If so, do you think Waterfi’s waterproofing technology works well?

Where water and terrific collide

Waterproof devices for your aqua workout.

The other day we had a customer, who just so happens to be a swimmer, comment on how she wished there were quality water-proof earbuds she could use while swimming. That she has seriously contemplated giving up swimming for the sole purpose of having the ability to listen to music much like her running/yoga exercising friends.

Well, we’re here to tell not only her, but any other aqua-exercise lovers, that there are in fact, many waterproof earbuds specifically designed for swimmers. Because according to a Speedo-sponsored study published in the journal Psychology of Sport and Exercise, music can greatly improve a swimmer’s stamina. In the study, athletes swam three 200-meter freestyle races while listening to either motivational music, neutral music, or no-music control. Swimmers listening to music beat their non-music-listening times by three seconds. This may seem like only a slight improvement, but it’s easily the difference between first and fourth place in a competitive race.

Even though there are several options, we’ve gathered a few we think you may like:

Waterproof iPod Shuffle & Headphones

  • Waterproof iPod Shuffle — Developed by Waterfi, this iPod shuffle is designed to go down to 210 feet underwater. Being light and compact, it shouldn’t get in the way of your workout as you can clip it to your goggle strap, wetsuit, shirt, hat, or sunglasses. With 2GB of memory you can store approximately 500 of your fave songs, which can be easily downloaded through iTunes available both for Mac or PC users. With a single click you can quickly play and pause the current track, change songs and adjust volume without interrupting your workout. The rechargeable battery can last up to 15 hours.
  • Waterproof Short Cord Headphones — Also developed by Waterfi, these headphones come with the Waterproof iPod Shuffle and can be used as deep as 10 feet underwater. With an IPX rating of IP8, they meet all waterproofing standards. The cord should not get in your way as it is only 11 inches allowing enough length to connect to your iPod Shuffle without getting tangled anywhere else.
  • X-1 Surge Mini Waterproof Headphones — These headphones allow you to dive 12 feet underwater and still enjoy your favorite music. They’re 100 percent waterproof and are designed to stay in your ear on the go. With an IPX rating of IP8, they can be submerged for extended periods of time. However, if you plan on diving further than 12 feet underwater, be cautious as it could result in hearing damage.

To date these products have been used for surfing, kiteboarding, diving, training for marathons, triathlons, and many other sweat, dirt, and water filled activities, in addition to swimming.

What’s your favorite aqua activity? Will you be taking advantage of any techie waterproof gadgets? Or, do you already utilize these gadgets?

Fitbit propelling to a healthier you

Building a better routine one day at a time.

How many of you find yourselves on a roller coaster ride when it comes to fitness and YOUR health? You know those weeks when you’re really on top of things followed by those weeks when you can barely sustain enough energy to get off the couch? How about those weeks you crave salads followed by those weeks you can’t consume enough chocolate?

We’ve all been there. And now Fitbit has announced two new products to get us over the lows that track your activity, sleep, and calorie intake — Charge HR and Surge.

Fitbit Charge HR

Since it’s beginnings in 2007, Fitbit has helped millions of people achieve their fitness goals by tracking every single part of their day including activity, exercise, food, weight, and sleep. A Fitbit can be synced wirelessly to a mobile device in order to keep track of progress. To date, Fitbit can be purchased in over 20,000 retail stores in North America as well as more than 17 countries across Asia and Europe and is available on over 120 mobile devices.

So, without further adeui, a look into the Charge HR and Surge.

This heart rate and activity wristband monitors heart rate continuously right from your wrist, while accurately tracking calorie burn, maintain workout intensity, maximize training, and optimize health. It automatically records workouts and tracks all-day activity and sleep patterns. It also comes with a caller id allowing you to stay connected in style. The Charge HR will be available for $149.95 beginning early next year.
Fitbit Surge

This ultimate fitness super watch contains all the features of the Charge HR plus GPS tracking and a longer battery life of up to 7 days. The GPS displays run time, distance, pace, and elevation stats. Bands are water-resistant and can be cleaned with a soap-free cleanser. The Surge will be available for $249.95 beginning early next year.

As those at Fitbit would say, “Seek it, crave it, live it.”

What kind of Fitbit do you live?